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Sharon Shapiro

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

Caddy Compson muddies her drawers in a river. Scarlet O'Hara robs her house of curtains for a ball gown. Southern heroines teem with want and anxiety - they are at once fierce and fiercely woman; gentle and abrasive; clean and dirty. The central figures of my West Virginia childhood held within them equilibria of pain and beauty. I was fascinated with watching my mother spend hours fixing her hair and putting on her makeup. I also recall how many times she compulsively checked to make sure the stove was off and the front door was locked. I learned then, that a gap between the interior and exterior was necessary to adulthood. Currently, I create composites in which boundaries between people and their myths of themselves are blurred (sometimes literally, as into animals). It is within these figures that I exhibit the collision of desires both individual and societal.

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