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Seana Reilly

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

These works are my attempt to acknowledge present day geo-environmental realities while recapturing some aspect of the complex emotional reaction that we have when we encounter nature in a profound and visceral way.

Over the past half century the geopolitical dialogue on the subject of nature and our place in it has changed dramatically from one of abundance and exploitation to one of fear and mitigation. In one light, these works can be seen as participating in this discourse on power and destruction, both of and from the natural environment. In another light, however, they can be seen as signaling an impending shift in the human/nature paradigm. We are just beginning to see the true essence of our communal relationship to the planet - a continuum from which we have intellectually separated ourselves.

My sources of inspiration for this work can be found in the earth sciences, architecture, and Buddhist thought.

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