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Seamus O’Brien

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

These images are a collection of pages from my snowman sketchbook, which is a work-in-progress that I started in 1999. The sketchbook originally started off as a doodle when I was sitting around my parent's home drawing my mother's snowmen decorations. But I had so much fun with the subject matter I decided to devote an entire sketchbook to the character. The story tells the tale of a snowman's humble beginnings and documents its quest for world domination. I initially thought the sketchbook would take a few months to complete, but as time went on I found that the storyline (and the line work) became more and more involved, thus causing delays. Doubts that I would have over my own intentions for the sketchbook would also appear in the story, with the character questioning its own motives. In many ways the snowman sketchbook unintentionally became my visual diary, where the character would have conversations with me, the artist, about our dreams, artistic motives, and intent.

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