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Sasha Waters Freyer

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Trained in photography and the documentary tradition, my non-fiction and experimental films fuse original and found/archival footage to tell stories about outsiders, misfits and everyday radicals. In this ongoing body of work, lyrically crafted explorations of motherhood are mostly created using a 16mm wind-up bolex camera. I am interested in mining the tension between the subjective, lived experience of women and mothers; our interior lives of fantasy and projection, and reality as refracted through our media-dense world.

Becoming a mother made me understand literally what scholar Julia Lesage describes as “women’s fragmented consciousness” and led me to understand how mothers, too, are Outsiders, in that we are outside of the sphere of representation in the culture at large. Mothers are Object and Other, seldom seen except as from a child’s point of view, or in the bulls-eye of commerce.

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