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Sarah West

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

My work explores spiritual seeking through our relationships with the digital. The paintings reference Early Renaissance art, Photoshop tools, computer games, hand-manipulated digital scans and stock computer wallpaper of holographic water. Recent paintings feature abstract glyph-like forms that give way to a volumetric Renaissance space. These markings are inspired by finger swipes on touchpads and smartphones, our grease-stained traces of interaction with the screen a merging of tactile and virtual fields. The searching intimacy of the hand in relation to its digital device echoes the relationship we once held with illuminated manuscripts, intended to simultaneously mesmerize and provide an accessibility to the sacred. Through pairing sacred narratives of the Renaissance with digital symbols, the work suggests the spiritual undercurrents within digital technology in its potential for enlightenment, transcendence, and evoking a sense of the infinite.

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