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Sarah Hobbs

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

The term twilight used to seem mysterious to me, in a poetic a sort of way. But the more I dwell on it, the more unsettling it is. The word sounds lovely, as if it doesn’t belong to its true meaning, a period of ambiguity or gradual decline. Twilight is the space between the known and unknown. How one might attempt to deal with the ambiguity is the essence of this work.
"Twilight Living" is a psychological study of the sites of our intimate lives. What do we do in our private spaces to assuage our anxiety in these ambiguous times? So much of the anxiety of today is social (and much of that spurred on by politics). Turning inward can be a detriment, but we are all so wary of our fellow man that it feels like a comfort to metaphorically hibernate.
Though it is a psychological panacea, salvaging the self is an avoidance of society today and all that entails. In holding on to a past that was comfortable, one cannot move forward. One is trapped in twilight.

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