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Sarah Hobbs

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

Whether in photographs or site-specific installations, constructing psychological space is the driving force behind my work. I examine concepts that involve the human psyche: the small foibles, phobias, and neuroses that make us all uniquely flawed, questioning the idea of normal. I am exploring our attempts to cope with and manage our issues ourselves, and the inevitable pitfalls these efforts create. Further, the work delves into the feeling of domestic ennui and discontent that leads the mind on a path that diverges from the norm: a small, seemingly insignificant thought played out to the point of obsession.
Each space created represents a thought process, a feeling, or a subconscious drive. Everyday or readily available objects serve as psychological signifiers. I am fascinated by the ways in which we arrange our living spaces through our neuroses. Does the space we have created assuage or exacerbate our inner conflicts?

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