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Sarah Emerson

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My paintings and murals present viewers with highly stylized versions of nature that combine geometric patterns and mythic archetypes to examine how contemporary landscape is transformed by human intervention and natural phenomenon. Inspired by actual places and events, my works serve as analogies based on the narratives that persist when specific locations and symbols represent the complexities of our experience in witnessing and remembering historic or traumatic events. Although, terror and tranquility never truly exist simultaneously in the physical, the two emotions certainly reside concurrently in our memories. As it is presented, painting can flatten time, space, and memory in pictures allowing space for a reconciliation of otherwise incompatible states of being. I use the camouflage of beautiful colors and a deliberate composition to present themes that reflect on the fragility of life, the futility of earthly pleasures, and the disintegration of our natural landscape.

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