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Sam King

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

When I work, I’m seeking a fundamental rhythm—a profound relationship between shape, color, actual space, illusionistic space, my intuition, my intellect, my cumulative experiences as a painter and as a person. That’s a lot to ask of a painting, so I tend to work on a lot of them at once. I like to stay immersed in my influences. At times, I feel like a reducing valve, where visual material is filtered, crunched, interwoven. Most satisfying are instances of paradox, which arrive as genuine surprise, yet confirm something familiar.
The paintings develop through a kind of programmed improvisation (something of a contradiction, I know). I negotiate the moment, and as moments accumulate, a certainty of purpose emerges, for a single work and for the paintings that surround it. Habits may form and gradually evolve, but the possibility—the desire, even—for a radical departure always looms.

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