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Sally Heller

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

I have always been fascinated with the potential of mass-marketed products when viewed outside of their intended context. I am interested in what our culture discards and what can be made from this detritus. The tension in my work derives from the conflict between the mass-produced, utilitarian materials and the highly individualized finished pieces. I subvert the mundane materials by applying timeless handiwork to them. One of the many contradictions in the work is that although the structures appear ephemeral and fragile, the materials are generally indestructible. To emphasize the tension between form and content, I use old-fashioned craft such as knitting, threading and twisting to connect the machine-produced objects.The resulting conflicts between glut and space, between weight and weightlessness, and between the permanence of the objects and deceptive frailty of the web, further mirror our culture's delusional balance between consumerism and the environment.

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