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Sabrina Gschwandtner

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

I create artwork by combining photographic, digital, and textile materials. My work considers the role of tactile knowledge in a digital age, recasts undervalued histories of women’s handcraft work, and connects the often opposing spheres of craft and concept in art. In my most widely exhibited body of work, I sew film footage into quilts, creating narratives that can be experienced as a new kind of montage. I connect the medium back to its forgotten early history, in which sewing machine mechanisms advanced sprocket holes and women were hired as movie editors because of their agile fingers. I display my work in light boxes, engaging the notion of filmic suture in reconfigured form. The formal logic of my sewn designs are derived from popular American quilt motifs including log cabin squares, octagonal stars, and "string quilts," wherein long, thin fabric scraps left over from other projects are cut and sewn together.

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