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Russ Warren

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My birth certificate lists two places of birth, Baytown TX and Washington DC. As I only stayed in Washington a couple of weeks, I spent my early childhood in Baytown. We eventually moved to Houston, where I grew up.

From my earliest student days, I was fascinated by a sense of Southern Regionalism, both historical and contemporary. My earliest serious endeavors reflected my interest in things South: The Burial of Latané (Painting in the South Virginia Museum of Fine Arts), Night Fishing at Moms’ (Southern Texas) and Galilee (deep south).

I also work (on a smaller scale) with livestock markers, an agricultural instrument which allows me to paint with oil-like rapidity incorporating phosphorescent color.

In the 80s I was pressured to paint in New York City. I couldn’t leave my rural south, where I’ve lived and worked for my whole career.

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