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Roxane Hollosi

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

I am a Visual Documentarian of the intangible rhythms and fleeting energies that live in and around us. My work honors the beauty of our internal and external Nature. I layer, blend and combine a variety of mediums to create contemporary interpretations of the energies I experience in my day to day life. Active mark making, layered surfaces and repurposed materials become physical manifestations of the unseen. My rhythmic abstracted surfaces visually and spiritually nudge at the primal connections that make us human.

My spiritual awareness and respect for the Earth, hints to the Native American influences I experienced as a child growing up in Southern MN. The voice of Nature is loud in me, but is getting drowned out by our deafening technological and ego driven world. My work is about paying attention to and capturing the essence of the precious whispers and suffocated vitalities in and around us and enliven them in visual form.

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