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Roxane Hollosi

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

My spiritual sensibilities and respect for the Earth hints at the Native American influences I experienced as a child growing up in Southern MN. My work intends to honor and recognize the beauty of our internal and external Nature. The voice of this Nature, be it the world around us or the sanctuary within us, is getting drowned out by our exceedingly loud technological and ego driven world. My Symbiosis series, inspired by a colony of foraging honeybees who visited my backyard, is about bringing awareness of the vital role pollinators play in the production of our food supply, economy and health of our environment. The alarming decrease of our bee population over the past 20 years should concern us all. We have forgotten the symbiotic relationship we have with them. I want my work to inspire a new appreciation for the “little whispers” in our very loud world.

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