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Rosa Naday Garmendia

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

As a socially engaged, multidisciplinary artist, I produce work at the nexus of contemporary art and social action. My work is rooted in social issues triggered by my interest in the human condition. I am committed to creativity, activism, and social change. My process is an investigation, a tool used to reflect, comment on contemporary values in society, and build understanding by engaging a diverse audience, highlighting and creating a safe space for the viewer to be provoked, explore, interpret, or find purpose and meaning in the issues we are facing.
My own experiences facing injustice as a woman, an immigrant, an industrial worker, my personal relationship to colonization, experience of otherness, resilience and conflict have made it possible for me to identify with cross-cultural social issues. I focus on projects that critically view the role of police, acts of racism, poverty in the United States and U.S. military intervention abroad.

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