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Ron Fondaw

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

I am looking for what I don’t know, so experimentation is critical.
I use natural materials and processes of the hand. Abstraction best suits my pursuit because it conjures up less bias, at least, for a short while leaving us free from the confines of recognizable imagery. This brief window of unbiased discovery allows for the possibility of finding something new.
This current body of work is an extension of my abstract drawings on paper. The surface of these drawings are rich with embossed lines, layer upon layer of oil washes, colored pencil, pastel and graphite. The result is a fabric like surface that begs to be touched. I have begun to develop my images using embroidery. The embroidery floss creates a surface that seduces the eye and the hand. Touch is a strong trigger leading us to make meaningful connections. It is a way of knowing important as seeing.

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