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Roger Halligan
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

The works I create reflect my curiosity with our awareness of the barriers we encounter in our lives, what cautionary messages they put forth and whether those warnings are legitimate or simply lies created to influence us in a particular manner. My interest further travels naturally to who benefits from a particular barrier's existence. Barriers can be very real, physical entities that make obvious boundaries. A cliffs edge, clearly signifies to most, that forward progress is ill advised. But it is the less obvious barriers created by others, or that are self imposed that are of interest to me. Some barriers are boundaries we need to maintain while others impede our life's progress. The quality of our existence is determined by our choices in that regard.

My sculptures suggest boundaries but are ambiguous as to their meaning. It is my hope that they create questions for the viewer of their relationships to the boundaries in their own existence..

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