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Robert Silance
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

The I-85 corridor between Charlotte, North
Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the five fastest
growing regions in the country. As this system intersects
with the upstate counties of South Carolina, population
growth and land use changes are increasing at alarming

In the resulting rural-urban fringe areas, the traditional
boundaries between cities and the surrounding countryside
are becoming eroded, and are being transformed into
alternate economic and spatial conditions.

This transformation is characterized by residential
subdivisions and commercial strip developments
in undifferentiated patterns that put enormous
pressure on open farmland, forests, and otherwise
idle property.

The net result of this transformation is the loss of wildlife
habitat, a scarcity of open space and scenic vistas, and the
overall fading of rural character.

The work presented here is a response to this dynamic
condition as the Southern landscape is being transformed

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