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Robert Anderson
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

Holden Beach, NC I am an emerging multi-media artist with a background in architecture. Art has always been part of my life. With over 1,000 pieces, my work ranges from wall sculptures to mixed-medium collages. My practice focuses on de-constructivist architectural theory and abstract expressionism to create work that is intuitive, dynamic and exploratory. I have no set rules and prefer to challenge convectional notions of artistic creativity.
I am inspired by the natural beauty of the South and the need to protect it. My current work explores repurposing waste found on the beach, construction sites and my studio to create dimensional art. Dimensionality is important in two ways: changing light alters its visual impact and the necessity to experience in person. The goal of my work is to draw the viewer in and to allow their imagination and unique experiences to determine its meaning. I want to inspire creativity.

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