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robbie land

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My work involves an array of subjects that focus on place or time. Currently, I am developing photo-based work that provides a subjective documentation of natural elements in North America. I utilize a variety of methods and tools such as microscope objectives, photographic time exposure, hydrophones, and pinhole cinematography to provide a personal perspective, a poetic science to my subjects. This includes bioluminescent organisms found in the southeast, visual and aural effects of Earth’s rotation, pinhole time-lapse recording the ebb and flow of saltmarsh tidal creeks and a 16mm film created using the photosynthesis process.
My work combines a photographic and acoustic representation of the specific subject or place with traces of its physicality and it’s ambiance. Employing these techniques, the viewers see and hear the particular place and gain a sense of its textural existence as it is exhibited in 16mm screenings, multi-channel video or sound installations and performance.

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