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Riley Goodman

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

Riley Goodman is a photographer and multimedia artist based in Richmond, Virginia. Goodman's practice focuses largely on narratives, drawing inspiration from American history, cinema, and literature. As a practicing historian, the symbolism of subject matter is majorly important to Goodman. Each decision made shows specific forethought based in research that presents subjects as silent witnesses to the progression of time. Goodman’s fixation on the United States transcends into the work, which juxtaposes archival imagery from Goodman’s personal collection of artifacts and ephemera with new imagery inspired by topics ranging from familial stories to American folktales. When these elements combine, Goodman’s work becomes an amalgamation of time periods, rather than recreating or recontextualizing a specific era. The work establishes a faux world of altered and often romanticized perceptions that make the viewer question authenticity through the employment of reality versus fabrication.

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