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Rigoberto Diaz

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

My artistic proposal is a means of research and experimentation, an analytical tool that talks about the entities where new forms of relationships are developed and created. Each space is a world of dissimilar analogies about which I am interested in researching to expand a work that relates to the transient and its interaction with the medium, obtaining a flow of data between the work and the public. My conceptual and formal codes are inside and outside the limits of the installation, public interventions, Site Specifici, photography and works with a procedural character. Forming an angle of practice that allows me to organize a field work, in the established area.
1858 would give me a different creative possibility in the USA. Analyzing from all possible perspectives their culture, to generate from the accumulated experiences, works that establish a reflection between human bonds. I will register with photos, videos and life view

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