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Richelle Dorris

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

Adaptability. A word and quality that captured my attention quite suddenly. Specifically, man’s ability to emotionally adapt, change, and grow, based on our surroundings.

Despite the human aspect being my primary focus; I forgo figurative work in favor of the abstract—allowing a visual inspection of associated qualities, while maintaining a level of ambiguity and personal detachment. The resulting series experiments with ideas of elasticity and plasticity in inanimate objects and abstract forms to evoke an emotional response.

Natural, organic, and abstract forms are my main subjects; imagery capable of fluid graceful movements and contorted twists. The subject’s growth or movement is reacting to and being shaped by the space, surrounding objects, or simply other brush strokes—representing experiences, interactions, and reactions.

My work varies on the abstraction scale from representational, to gestural, to nonobjective. My style is reminiscent of abstract expressionists.

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