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Richard Scott

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Speaking in a Southern Gothic vernacular, my work draws upon the breadth of cultural influences that make up the southern ethos. I create alternate narratives of folk, biblical, and mythological stories, imbued with supernatural phenomena.
Growing up in Georgia, I witnessed race riots in high school, as well as a school shooting in 1999. These racial tensions have again resurfaced, and the number of school shootings has tripled since 2012. Aiming to find the roots of this violence, my work has begun exploring the Civil War, seeking the origins of the enduring cultural divides we see expressed violently in our country, from the divisive political circus, to Sandy Hook, Ferguson, and Baltimore. Searching for a means to communicate across these cultural boundaries, I use the visual language of figurative painting to explore both the European tradition from which our culture first emerged, and new narratives that are fundamentally American.

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