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Reynier Llanes

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

My art is the result of a creative and exhilarating process that I always find challenging and rewarding, influenced by my Cuban culture heritage filled by family traditions, religious beliefs and social customs.
My paintings are devoted to furthering the understanding of the Orishas by questioning some stereotypes that the media has shaped into cliches. Each saint has its own identity and personality with characteristics in a wide variety of strengths, weaknesses and interests. These paintings narrate mythological passages illustrated in theatrical surroundings, combined to reinforce moral teachings.
The composition is created using sketches, watercolors and oil paintings, all used as a guides to the final artwork, where the mythological message is portrayed. My paintings reflect a romanticized idealization of reality. The nature scenery in the artwork combined with the mythological figures creates an ambiance reflecting the power of this earthy religion and our human place in it.

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