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Renzo Ortega
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

The political present I live as a Latino in the United States of America influences my artistic practice. I think that paintings are necessary cultural objects because they are historical documents. We learn about the country's political issues, social contexts, and people's feelings and reactions through art. Through a contemporary painting practice, I want to create a historical narrative that is built on the conventions of the medium and embraces its diversity of styles.

My influences range from pre-hispanic patterns to folk-art, from expressionism to abstraction; these styles can live together in my paintings. Using colors and shapes, I metaphorically embrace the ideal that diverse populations can share the same spaces generating positive dynamics. This amalgam that happens in my artworks is a continuing and ever-evolving energy source, an infinite loop of life connected to the vast universe of artistic creation. Painting is a journey into infinity.

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