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Reni Gower

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

Both meditative and prayerlike, my process incorporates slow work made by hand to counter visual skimming and to encourage a reflective response from the viewer. Inspired by sacred geometry, I create interlocking stencils based upon Celtic knotwork patterns and Islamic ornamental tiles. Cut out of Mylar or paper, the stencils are tiled into grids, traced, hand cut, painted, and/or printed. To create immersive installations, multiple pieces are installed in large grid formations.

Given our troubled times, my work speaks to the shared legacy between the West and the Middle East with hope and optimism. Viewer response worldwide has confirmed the prevalent yet profound spiritual and emotional qualities of color, light, and pattern central to my art. As such, it is a perfect conduit for conversations that embrace cultural diversity through mindfulness and mutual respect.

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