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Reni Gower

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Since ancient times, geometric perfection has been thought to convey sacred and universal truths by reflecting the fractal interconnections of the natural world. Incorporating these patterns into works of art promotes access through recognition and encourages understanding across cultures.

My patterns are inspired by Celtic knotwork designs and Islamic tile motifs.
For the papercuts, stencils are traced and hand cut into interlocking motifs. The paper is painted on the back to reflect color back through the pristine white surface of the front. In the pulp paintings, the stencils are used to mask pulp sprayed on the hand pulled paper sheets.

Using only a box cutter or a spray bottle, I employ slow and labor intense processes to produce works that counter visual skimming. Through intricate patterning, I celebrate the redemptive nuance of work made by hand. My art quiets the mind and encourages contemplation.

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