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Renata Cassiano Alvarez

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

In my sculptures, forms belonging to ancient time and contemporary dilapidation collide. Like modern relics, my work burrows in nostalgia and change. Gilded ruins that are constantly shifting from birth to decay. Formal elements of pre Colonial Mexico and Roman architecture are engulfed by decaying urban aesthetics.
I am interested in the transformation of historical roles and the contradictions between clinging to tradition while yearning for a transformed reality. In matters of revolt, one needs no ancestors. And yet, we look frantically for that reference that grounds us to the past. The same can be said with material and art.
The sculptures have evolved into their own vocabulary, referencing ceramic traditions and conventions by bypassing the rules and pushing the boundaries of the process. The work is no longer constrained by canon and is empowered by the freedom that the unknown bestows.

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