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Ralph Eaton

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

I prefer the term junk processor to artist. The world is made of junk, and I process that junk into another kind of junk called art, like an aesthetic alchemist.

I recently did a monumental scale sculpture titled Fuzzy Kudzu. In addition to describing the material that I used, my use of the word "fuzzy" is a metaphor for the mysteriousness of things. In addition to referencing the plant, my use of the word "kudzu" is a metaphor for my process of transformation. I seek to mimic the kudzu plant's organic process of making a familiar landscape of trees and other objects unfamiliar.

Influenced early on by MAD magazine, I developed an absurdist world view. When the world gives you absurdity, make absurd art. Dark humor is cathartic for me. Grace Slick sang; "anytime I laugh, I got religion" … that works for me.

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