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Priscilla Hollingsworth

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

I’m interested in thinking about things conceptually while working them out physically. Our bodies have knowledge and our minds have physicality as part of our brains. So I’m trying to work across the mind-body divide that our culture perceives.
I am interested in numbers, arrangements, and systems. Some of the numbers and repetitions in my work reference the natural world, the artificial constructs of science, and music (rhythms, systems, emotion). The layers in a topic make it interesting - layers of history, concept versus practice, sensory feeling, logic, and intuition. These factors make for a rich mix that cannot be categorized in only one way.
I have been categorized as a sculptor, but I’ve been drawing constantly for just as many years. I’ve been painting for seven or eight years now, too. Sometimes I’ve constructed paintings as backgrounds (contexts) for sculptures. Lately paintings and sculptures are extensions of similar ideas.

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