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Princess Rashid

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

The acrylic paintings and monotype prints in this series are created with a minimalist and gestural aesthetic. The work I am presenting focuses on just three colors; red, black and white. Red is a powerful color and I find this combination of colors to be graphically attractive. After years of working with a very diverse palette, I wanted to distill it down to three colors with the intent to focus on painting without the distraction of colors. By limiting my palette, I am more able to push ideas in regards to composition and surface development.

The paintings and prints are Structures. I aim to give each shape the proper size and proportion. I am after the illusion of depth and vibrational energy that is suggested by the correctly placed stroke. I am most interested in the tension created by relating the spontaneous with the deliberate application of paint. The result is a feeling of controlled calm.

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