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Petrirena Mario

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

I use a variety of mediums and methods in my artwork, ranging from objects to installations. In addition for the past 5 years I’ve been exploring the possibilities of working beyond the confines of formal spaces, attempting to reach a more diverse audience. Considering the media
saturated world that we living in, I want other ways to reach alternative audiences. What would it be like to encounter something unexpected if you were to take the time to raise your eyes from your electric devises?. With this in mind I have played with the idea of rewarding the viewer, if and when they take the time to look, to see. The postcard projects are examples of engaging the public in unexpected ways, doing so in intimate ways. There should be room for alternative ways to experience artworks, not just in formal spaces or through digital media, but in unexpected real time ways. I hope to continue to explore these possibilities.

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