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Peter Barnitz

Artist Statement Submitted 2020

My work unites ideas of healing, identity, protection and faith. The work provides a reflection on the passage of time, the delicate balance of life, and the centering of the soul. Adorned with the intricate language of pattern, color, light, shadow and material, each nail pierced shield-like construction reveals a self portrait or personal meditation, enriched with focus, energy and life. Through pain and suffering, there is healing and new life. Through life we experience extreme hardships and suffering, but it is in those moments that we are most alive. When the healing process begins, we become stronger, we learn from those life experiences and form a defense for the next time we encounter that situation. Nails can heal or hurt and break or repair. The hammering of a nail through an object is a metaphor for a spiritual awakening, burst of energy or breath of new life. Just as the shield is a badge of faith, a symbol of identity and defense, the nail represents a new beginning.

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