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Paulina Swietliczko

Artist Statement Submitted 2019

The focus in my painting is figure. I paint people from my surroundings. My models are often my children, other family members and friends. In my work, I am interested in finding magic in everyday life. I am inspired by small things like the expression on my daughter’s face, the games that my kids play, the black stage floor in the theater and the pink tutus that the kids wear when they practice ballet.

Narrative plays an important role in my art, but being explicit in story telling is not my intent. A painting should speak through the viewer’s own experience and interpretation. Although I use photographs as a reference for my paintings, I do not try to achieve photo-realistic perfection. Instead, I let my intuition to lead me through the painting process. Occasionally, I like to leave visible brush strokes and simplify some elements of my painting.

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