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Paul Stephen Benjamin

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

Paul Stephen Benjamin is a multidisciplinary artist. His work brings the past, present and future together through use of the color black. The color black becomes an entry point into discussions of identity and race. Benjamin creates multi-layered artworks, which incorporate history, text and popular culture. He employs painting, sculpture, installation and video in his work.
His work focuses on the complex nature of blackness – simultaneously static and dynamic - and raises questions that can only be answered through viewers’ personal experiences. Multiple layers of meaning and thought are a consistent element and signature of his work regardless of the medium.
Benjamin furthers his aesthetic and conceptual use of the color black through his investigation of sound. He uses the question, “If the color black had a sound - what would it sound like?” Appropriating video footage, Benjamin manipulates and edits the material to create provocative sound and video sculptures.

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