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Patrick Blount

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

These are pieces from a series I am currently working on called Vessels of Life. When I began working with the wood hollow form, I began to see that the hollow form lends itself sculpturally extremely well. Being a blacksmith as well, I naturally wanted to add forged metal elements to my hollow forms. As I began to do this, the pieces come alive for me, and I began to liken them to humans. For what are humans if we are not vessels. The emotions that we feel and experiences that we walk through. These things trickle in and pool inside of us, making us who we are. I have tried to capture this and portray it using the wood hollow form and metal. The wood with its growth rings, grain patterns, flaws, cracks, bark inclusions, and sometimes insect damage, reflects the trials of life we all have been blessed with. The iron with its hardness and sharp edges show the identity that we, or the world, has placed upon us. This cold metal identity is truly our own cross to bear.

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