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Patricia Wasserboehr
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

My sculptures represent an extensive background in 3D figuration and an interest in architecture. Currently, I no longer represent the human model; yet draw on my knowledge of form and structure. I am engaged in combining the language of direct observation with architectonic elements. I make simplified abstract objects that are spare, refined, essential, and contemplative.
The latest sculptures represent commemorative structures such as memorials, gateways, and shelters. They are small scale and while complete, they serve as models for potential commissions. Future plans include enlarging them in materials such as marble and bronze and installing them in site-specific locations throughout the world. As large scale sculptures, they invite viewer interaction and participation.
The sculptures are first carved in Styrofoam and cast in bronze using traditional methods. I am also experimenting with digital reproduction such as 3D printing and stone carving using digital milling techniques.

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