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Patricia Cooke

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

My work is created through the lens of child-like imaginative play. I collect forgotten and abandoned items on the beaches and streets of Miami to use as the raw material for my work. By harvesting material from the world around me, I allow objects’ inherent visual and conceptual properties to serve a function in my abstract and representational assemblages. By imbedding objects of interest within my compositions, viewers have the opportunity to search for and find items which hold intrinsic meaning for them as individuals, each discovery is unique.

Fort building and playing house are games many children play, I draw from this well of inherent imagination to execute my work, allowing nonsensical marriages of elements within a composition simply because they visually or conceptually had a conversation. Exploring my work is an opportunity for viewers to discover joyful relationships of material, coming together to create an abstracted gestalt of a home.

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