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Patricia Boinest Potter

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

From my window I can see Mt Cheaha, the highest point in Alabama.
One hundred miles down the road is another beautiful spot, Little River Canyon. 
My most recent exhibition was PATTERNS OF PLACE, sixisomorphic map tall translatio of my "Intention".
which is to attract "Attention" to this often overlooked and misinterpreted region
In. the form of six isomorphic map tables.
 A question I often ask myself is "what happens in the mind  between map and territory?"
At first I thought it was like an optical illusion, then that it was only a matter of distance--
now I see that continuous duration we call "time" alters everything.
 Between map and territory there is a transition, a pattern of movement, essential to perception. 
As an artist my work seeks patterns found in deeply hidden connections. 
In my investigations I found that patterns of migrating starlings are similar to those of a peloton of bikers.
A movement, a mobius, a shimmering sound is in the space between.

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