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Pam Moxley

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Pam Moxley Mixed Media- Artist Statement

Through my mixed media works, I hope to redefine how people think about photography, taking it to a new level. I do not believe the art of photography should end with the camera. I never want to display my work behind glass. My favorite part of each of my works is inevitably the imperfections. I mean for the works to be immediate and tactile. It is alright to touch many of them. It gives me great joy to see people young and old examining them and trying to figure out how they were created. The subject matter often creates a narrative that makes the viewer feel as though they are part of the scene. Many are very large scale, making the scene true to life. Some of my works are interactive, drawing the viewer in even further. I challenge other photographers to think beyond the camera.

mox•ie [ móksee ] Definition: courage combined with inventiveness (slang)

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