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Pam Longobardi

Artist Statement Submitted 2018

I am a conceptual artist with a strong affinity to materiality and process. My father was an ocean lifeguard and a biochemist for Union Carbide: I was born into the age of plastics. In 2006, after discovering mountainous piles of plastic debris the ocean deposited in remote Hawaii, I began collecting ocean plastic as my primary material, removing thousands of pounds from the natural environment to reposition the objects back into culture for examination. I created the Drifters Project, an artistic research project focused on the Global South, addressing the forensics of floating plastic objects, their role as place-marker of the Anthropocene, and as site for migration of both human and animal species. Continuing my socially engaged practice, I work with refugees + Greek citizens transforming the discarded plastic waste of life vests into iconic symbols of flags for the new nation of refugees, portable signals of transformation and hope.

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