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Nuni Lee

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

I paint a cat. This cat (and sometimes a girl with the cat) introduced in my paintings holds immense significance in telling the narrative of my life, my identity.

I instantly connected to Minnie two years ago when I adopted her. Her raw vulnerability reflected me the child within me that is constantly trying to hold on to the thread of innocence and unconditioned self in the midst of a chaotic adult life. Weak and fragile, she needs my care to survive. At the same time, the amount of time and energy that I spend caring for her and interacting with her begins to define my existence. A co-dependency develops between us and the hierarchy in the mother-and-child relationship that I have with Minnie continues to shift.

I believe that my journey through painting will ultimately lead me to find the right balance between being a child and an adult, seeking comfort and giving care, as well as going back and forth between withdrawing into my emotions and expressing myself.

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