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Nsenga Knight
North Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

My work poses critical questions about process, power, representation, and the construction of communal narratives. I have a research-based practice in which I draw upon art history, memoir and documentary materials to re-construct archives, appropriate historical materials, and perform interventions through radical gestures. My 2014 Make Safe Make Space project is a social and structural intervention in which I invited over forty members of Greensboro’s Black community to Elsewhere Museum to engage in conversations and actions that explored connections between physical safety and psychological well being and resulted in the restructuring of the museum’s “Safe Place” installation, through the addition of a window, new flooring and resecured walls. With X Speaks (2015), I led a collaboration with members of the African American Muslim community by gathering in cyberspace to collectively perform or present Malcolm X’s final speeches on the exact days they were delivered 50 years ago.

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