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Nick Demos

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

"SO BE THE GREATEST ARTIST IN HEAVEN" making Neo-symbolism which is words juxtaposed to words and the letter within words to reveal powerful insights in language and design of words as art.
Starting with the premise of putting things together that go together. I began building small sculptures with objects that would fit together without being glued, welded, tied, nailed , or screwed. In time, I replaced the objects with words that went together.
Ann Temkin chief curator MOMA " When you see brand new work, chances are if it is really significant it will be uncomfortable , to someone like myself, because I am so immersed in what paintings up until now look like. And with, many art professionals have skepticism about what he is doing because the paintings don't necessarily fit their idea of what a museum painting is. And yet, of course that is exactly what is necessary to create the art of the future. Ann Temkin chief curator MOMA Museum of Modern Art. Demos, Nick listed at the top of the list with famous American Artists Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Georgia O'Keeffe

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