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Nancy VanDevender

Artist Statement Submitted 2017

Nancy VanDevender is an installation artist who uses space as a platform for mixing politics, theatre, and design. Through a sculptural practice, physical ornamentation and digital illusion are handled as both flattened historical venue and projected politicized stage. The collection, alteration, and arrangement of markings provide interior displays of presumed relationships and shared cultures.
Taken from the French parle, “to speak,” the parlour is a forum, a platform used for social change; its backdrop, a model for how information is socially and culturally transferred.
Realized through large-scale digital prints used as wallpapered interiors, photographs taken within the interiors, and props that turn the spaces into sets, the underlying theme is the use of the forum as a place to publicly speak and privately re-think ideas through intimate associations. Tattooed ink on skin, walls, and surfaces are altered, layered, and re-contextualized as ways of understanding relationships.

http://www .nancyvandevender .com

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