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Nancy VanDevender

Artist Statement Submitted 2016

I use still and moving images to delineate space through sculptural
considerations and societal concerns. The power of intimate encounters is
my tool for persuasion with regard to economic and social inequalities and
hierarchies. Private space and public forum are explored through
choreography, installation, and events. Film stills and subtitles, texts from
graffiti and tattoos, historical decorative motifs, maps, game-boards, and
media sourced confessions of sexual scandals and political misdeeds, all
have provided material for collecting, archiving and translating.
My aesthetic is profoundly layered, mirroring the complexities of both
process and subject matter. After a visual backdrop is realized, particular
elements are added to further the outlining of the space. While all of the
content is embedded in the printed element, it is these layered additions of
photographs, videos, furnishings, and improvised sets that give credence to
the necessity for the defined stage.

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