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Nancy McGregor
South Carolina

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

In this series, I present birds in flight as Fine Art rather than nature photography. These are difficult shots to obtain and they focus on the structure and movement of the bird. The Great Egret series also represents an environmental win as these birds were once almost hunted to extinction for their fashionable plumes. Being a female photographer who brings this bird's beauty back to into view without harm also contributes to the statement of how far women have grown in their quest for identity and validation. Birds in flight also present a technical challenge in that there are two types of motion to overcome. A forward motion as the bird gets from place to place and the wing motion that's moving at a different speed. Outdoor photography of water birds also presents a challenge in South Carolina because there are insects, snakes, and alligators competing for space at the edges of the waterways where the birds wade.

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