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Nancy Floyd

Artist Statement Submitted 2015

Weathering Time is a visual diary, personal archive, and record of my changing body and environment spanning the past thirty-three years. The work addresses issues of aging, memory, the passage of time, loss and death, while also focusing on a distinct period of time in America (1980s - present).

I have been photographing myself since 1982. I use a film camera and there are no edits—every photograph is presented (even if I look bad on that day, pets act up, or I fail to get in the picture before the shutter releases). I record happy moments (family get-togethers) and sad ones (my parents on their deathbeds). It’s not just my body that changes: fashion and hairstyles evolve; pets come and go; typewriters, analog clocks, and corded telephones disappear. Collectively, the photographs underscore both the physical and technological changes over the past thirty-three years—from my youth to the dawn of my old age.

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