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Nan Liu

Artist Statement Submitted 2014

In my recent work, I attempt to create a series of life-sized figurative paintings. My chosen subjects are the students I walk amongst every day on the Florida A & M University campus. Teaching at a historical black college, most of my students are African Americans. Surrounded by them, I feel the restless energy and barely contained exuberance of youth. I try to capture the moments that make up their lives on campus, especially the activities they use to fill the idle minutes between classes. I am inspired by the effortless creativity and bold assertion of self these young men and women demonstrate in the vivid colors and shapes of their clothing. Even the variety of accessories they carry with them, like headphones, backpacks, and skateboards, serve to communicate a simultaneous message of belonging and individualism. Sketches, photo images, and visual memories are all my resources for creating.

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